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Boy's Short Sleeve Shirt Dark Blue PantsGirl's Jumper

     The uniform makes the organization real and visible. It becomes emblematic and representative of an ideal, a standard. One of the ways to set up a standard and bring the members of an organization up to that standard is through the uniform. It should stimulate loyalty toward that standard by building morale and binding members into closer fellowship. It also appeals to those not already members to join. The uniform becomes a builder of the club spirit.

     The uniform is to be always neat and clean. Because the Adventurer Club program is valuable to each member, the uniform will be acquired and worn with enthusiasm.

The uniform should be use on the following occasions:

        Regular Adventurer meetings, when applicable.

        Special Programs (Adventurer Sabbath, Induction Service, Investiture Service, etc.)

        At Investiture Services.

        At any public gathering when any or all act as: Messengers, Ushers, Guards of Honor, Color Guard, First Aid Volunteers, etc.

        At Missionary Activities such as Ingathering, Food Collecting, etc.

        On occasions as specified by Adventurer Staff Officers.

Student Uniform Patch Placement


        Navy Blue Bottoms (Jumper, Skirt, or Slacks)

        White Blouse (Peter Pan Collar)


        Navy Blue Pants

        White Shirt


        Black Shoes

        Navy Blue Socks


Neckerchief Embroidered Slide

        Burgundy scarf with white embroidery slide.


Awards Sash

        The navy blue sash is part of the uniform.

Staff Uniform

Long Sleeve ShirtDark Blue Pants


        Navy Blue Skirts or Slacks

        White Blouse

        Navy Blue Tie


        Navy Blue Pants

        White Shirt

        Navy Blue Tie


        Black Shoes

        Navy Blue Socks or Pantyhose

        Black Belt


        Burgundy Scarf with Embroidered Slide.

        Master Guides may use their MG Scarf/Slide and MG Pin.


        Navy Blue Sash. (Pathfinder Honors should not be used on Adventurer Sash).

Uniform Insignias

Adventurer PatchAdventurer World Patch

Adventurer Patch:   Right sleeve

Adventurer World:   Left sleeve

Arch:   Right sleeve  (Above the Adventurer patch)

Conference Patch:   Left Sleeve  (On top of the Adventurer World)

Patch Placement

Field Trip Uniform

Each club may choose their own uniform. Some suggestions are Jeans with:

a.         Adventurer Logo

b.         Local Club Name

c.         Adventurer Logo and Local Club Name Logo

Field TeeShirt

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