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English Curriculum Resources

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Builder Student Activity Book (PDF File)
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Builder Student Activity Book

Builder Coloring Pages for 4 Year Chart
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Sample Page

Builder Teacher's Resource & Helpful Hints Manual (PDF File)
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Builder Teacher's Resource & Helpful Hints Manual

Builder Curriculum Manual (PDF File)
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Builder Curriculum Manual

"How to Teach an Adventurer Class" (10Meg Size)
GC Youth Ministries Manual (PDF File)
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How to Teach an Adventurer Class

Sample Yearly Plan for Scheduling Work - 2007-2008
1st Semester Curriculum & 2nd Semester Awards Schedule 
Microsoft Word File to Edit for your Club or a PDF File

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Yearly Plan for Scheduling Classes that You can Edit

Builder Class Curriculum Checklist to Track Work
Completed for Investiture (Microsoft Word File)
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Awards Checklist to Track Awards 
Completed for Investiture

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Awards Checklist for Investiture

Suggested Reading
List for Reading Awards
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Builder Reading Certificate to Give at Year End
Builder Reading Certificate

Attendance Keeping Forms
for Children and Staff

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Builder Awards
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  1. Responsibility
          A.     Recite and accept the Adventurer Pledge and Law.
          B.     Explain the Pledge.
  2. Reinforcement
    Earn the Builder Reading Certificate.


  1. His Plan To Save Me
          A.     Create a story or booklet showing the order in which these stories took place:
                  Martin Luther
                  Ellen White
    OR the Bible stories you are studying in your classroom or Sabbath School.
          B.     Use your story chart or booklet to show someone how to give one's life to Jesus.
  2. His Message to Me
          A.     Find, memorize, and explain three Bible verses about giving your life to Jesus:
                  Acts 16:31
                  John 1:12
                  Galatians 3:26
                  2 Corinthians 5:17
                  Psalms 51:10
                  Your choice
          B.     Name the books of the New Testament.
  3. His Power in My Life
          A.     Spend a regular quiet time with Jesus to talk with Him and learn about Him.
          B.     Ask three people why they are glad to belong to Jesus.


  1. I am Special
    Put together a scrapbook, poster, or collage showing some things you can do to serve God and others.
  2. I Can Make Wise Choices
    Earn the Media Critic Adventurer Award.
  3. I Can Care for My Body
    Earn the Temperance Adventurer Award.


  1. I Have a Family
          A.     Share one way your family has changed. Tell how you felt and what you did.
          B.     Find a story in the Bible about a family that changed.
  2. Families Care for Each Other
    Play the "I Care" game by having each family member plan a special way to show appreciation to each of the other members of the family.
  3. My Family Helps Me Care for Myself
    Complete one requirement of the Wise Steward Adventurer Award.


  1. The World of Friends
          A.     Make friends with a person of another culture or generation, or someone who is handicapped.
          B.     Invite that person to a family or church event.
  2. The World of Other People
          A.     Know and explain your national anthem and flag.
          B.     Name your country's capital and the leader of your country.
  3. The World of Nature
    Earn an Adventurer Award for nature, not previously earned.