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Eager Beaver
Curriculum Resources

Eager Beaver Student Workbook
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Eager Beaver Student Workbook

Eager Beaver Program Manual
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Eager Beaver Program Manual

Eager Beaver Award Chips (NAD)
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Eager Beaver Awards Chips

Florida Eager Beaver Chips
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Sample Florida Chip

Sample Yearly Plan for Scheduling Work - 2007-2008
Microsoft Word File to Edit for your Club or a PDF File

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Yearly Plan for Scheduling Classes that You can Edit

Plan de Clases para Castorcitos
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Suggested Reading
List for Reading Awards

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Attendance Keeping Forms
for Children and Staff

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Eager Beavers Requirements

  1. Be in Kindergarten or five years of age.
  2. Memorize the Adventurer pledge and law.
  3. Have someone you know read the following to you:
       a.    Bible story (grade level)
       b.    Nature story (grade level)
       c.    Another story (grade level)
  4. Memorize the eight major colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black.
  5. Memorize the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue.
  6. Earn the "Color Your World" chip.
  7. Ask your parents to tell or read you a story about Ellen G. White.
  8. Memorize Philippians 4:4 and three Bible verses of your choice.
  9. Earn at least eight beaver chips. Two from each division.
  10. Work on a minimum of six craft projects of your choice.


  1. Learn to:
       a.    Tie your shoes (or Velcro them properly).
       b.    Comb or brush your hair.
       c.    Brush your teeth properly.
       d.    Dress yourself.
       e.    Wash your hands.
  2. Memorize John 3:16 and another text from the list below.
       Genesis 1:27
       Psalms 32:7 or 119:73
       Proverbs 3:1 or 20:11
       John 14:15
       1 Corinthians 10:31
       1 John 4:7 or 12 or 19
  3. Learn your telephone number, full name, parent's name, and address.
  4. Earn at least two Beaver Chips from the list below.
       Alphabet Fun (NAD)
       Know Your Body (NAD)
       Little Music Maker (FL)
       Manners Fun (NAD)
       Me I'm Special (FL)
       Physical Chip (FL)


  1. Learn to pray to Jesus.
  2. Memorize The Lord's Prayer.
  3. Memorize the First Commandment and the first eight words of the Fourth Commandment.
  4. Memorize Philippians 4:4 and another verse relating to God from the memory verses below.
       Deut. 6:5 or 7:21
       Psalms 8:9 or 32:8 or 92:1
       Proverbs 3:5
       Matthew 22:37
       John 3:16
       1 John 4: 7,8 and 19
  5. Earn at least two Beaver Chips from the list below.
       Basic Bible
       Bible Stories
       God's Gift
       Jesus Loves Me
       Things That Grow


  1. Memorize the Fifth Commandment. Give an explanation.
  2. Choose from five of the following activities. (Do the activity for five working days):
       a.    Wash, dry, or empty the dishwasher dishes.
       b.    Pick up your toys.
       c.    Hang up your clothes.
       d.    Make your own bed.
       e.    Fold the clean clothes.
       f.    Take care of your pet(s).
       g.    Water the plants in your house.
       h.    Lead out in worship with a story.
  3. Help pack a lunch and participate in an outdoor activity with a family member, close friend, or your club.
  4. Earn the Special Families (Florida Chip) or Pets (NAD Chip).
  5. Memorize a Bible verse from the list below.    Memory Verses
       Exodus 20:12
       Mark 3: 34
       Ephesians 3:15 or 6:1
       1 John 4:21


  1. Memorize your country's Pledge of Allegiance or National Anthem.
  2. Prepare and deliver a food basket to a needy family.
  3. Make and deliver a Get Well Card to a sick person.
  4. Memorize Genesis 1:1 or a verse about your world from the list below.
       Memory Verses
       Leviticus 19:18
       Mathew 19:19 or 22:37
       Romans 14:19
       James 2:8
       1 John 4:5
  5. Learn the days of creation and what was created on each day.
  6. Earn at least two Beaver Chips from the list below.
       Beaver Bible (FL)
       Beavers (FL)
       Beginning Biking (NAD)
       Beginning Swimming (NAD)
       Color Your World (FL)
       Crayons & Markers (NAD)
       Feathered Friends (NAD)
       Gadgets & Sand (NAD)
       Jigsaw Puzzle (NAD)
       Nature Detective (FL)
       Pets (NAD)
       Scavenger Hunt (NAD)
       Shapes & Sizes (NAD
       Sponge Art (NAD)
       Toys (NAD)
       Trees (FL)