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 I.                    Prerequisites:

A.    Be at least 16 years of age.

B.    Be a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church

C.    Complete a 10 hour basic staff training course in one of the following:

1.      Adventurer Ministries

2.      Pathfinder Ministries

3.      Youth Emergency Services

4.      Teen / Young adult ministries

 II.                  Spiritual Development

A.    Read the book Steps to Christ.

B.    Complete the devotional guide Encounter Series I, Christ the Way.

C.    Keep a devotional journal for at least four weeks, summarizing what you read each day.

D.    Demonstrate your knowledge of the 27 Fundamental Beliefs by completing one of the following:

1.      Write a paper explaining each belief

2.      Give an oral presentation on each belief

3.      Give a series of Bible studies explaining each belief

4.Conduct a seminar, teaching each belief.

E.    Enhance your knowledge of church heritage by:

1.      Reading The Pathfinder Story by John Hancock

2.      Earning the Pathfinder Church Heritage Award

3.      Reading a book about church heritage such as;

a.      Anticipating the Advent by George Knight (a brief history of Seventh-day Adventists)

b.      Tell It to the World by Mervyn Maxwell (the story of Seventh-day Adventists)

c.      Lightbearers to the Remnant (denominational history college textbook)

Books are available from the ABC or AdventSource.

 III.                Skills Development

A.    Supervise a participant(s) through either the Adventurer class curriculum OR AY class curriculum.

B.    Have or earn the following AY honors

1.      Christian Storytelling

2.      Camping Skills I

C.    Earn 2 additional AY honors not previously earned.

D.    Have a current first aid certificate

E.    Attend and complete a 2-hour seminar in each of the following areas:

1.      Leadership Skills

2.      Communication Skills

3.      Creativity and resource development

4.      Children and youth evangelism

  IV.               Child Development

A.    Read the book Education

B.    Read either the book Child Guidance OR Messages to Young People

C.    Read a book OR attend a 3-hour seminar dealing with child development about the age group of your ministry

 V.                 Leadership Development

A.    Read the book Leadership is an Art by Max dePreez, OR a current leadership book of your choice.

B.    Demonstrate your leadership by doing all of the following:

1.      Develop and conduct three worships.

2.      Participate in your local church children’s/youth group in a conference-sponsored event.

3.      Teach three Adventurer awards OR two AY honors

4.      Assist in planning and leading an Adventurer, Pathfinder, or Sabbath School field trip.

5.      Be an active Adventurer, Pathfinder, YES, or AY staff member for at least one year, and attend 75% of the staff meetings.

C.    Write goals in which you would like to accomplish in your ministry.

D.    Identify three current roles in your life, one of which is spiritually oriented, and list three goals for each.

VI.               Fitness Lifestyle Development

A.    Participate in a personal fitness plan for three months, and evaluate and show improvement  (recommended: the Cooper Aerobic program or its equivalent).


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